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MYCare delivers powerful data & patient management tools in the hands of healthcare professionals

By allowing for the centralized customization of datasets, processes or features, MYCare ensures that health data is gathered, inputted, and analyzed uniformly.

Learn more about the custom applications built on MYCare to service various healthcare processes.

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Personalize, track and interpret health data with one of MYCare’s specialized applications.

Your hospital KPIs in a single dashboard​

MYCare Insights enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and enhance patient outcomes.

Our tool empowers you to measure and improve your hospital’s performance, including therapy efficiency, quality of care, patient-reported experiences, statistical health analyses, and healthcare finance KPIs.

With MYCare Insights, guesswork is eliminated from decision-making processes, providing valuable insights for evidence-based strategies and unbiased decisions.

Elevate your hospital’s performance, unlock the power of data-driven decision-making, and pave the way for a more efficient, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

The All-in-One Patient Pathway Administrator

MYCare PSP is an enterprise-grade software created from the ground up to facilitate the administration of patient support programs (PSPs).

Its tools are designed in collaboration with key stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and allow for unprecedented customization and workload. PSPs can be configured independently, patient pathways ran simultaneously, diseases and medications defined meticulously, rules and regulations integrated seamlessly.

The platform allows for easier, faster and more efficient management of patient support programs, but also vastly improved long-term adherence to medication plans. Elaborate patient data collection further improves patient retention, monitoring and prevention.

The Comprehensive Vaccine Data Aggregator

MYCare V is an enterprise-grade software designed to evaluate the performance of vaccines by cataloging and analyzing health data.

The platform is centered on providing tools for quantitative research, such as the evaluation of specific immune responses and vaccine compliance monitoring.

The platform contributes to the improvement of vaccination safety, delivery techniques and patient compliance by aggregating a vast amount of real-world data and preparing it for further interpretation.

The reliability of the data gathered helps reduce vaccine hesitancy and plays a key role in the decision-making processes of government, research, and pharma officials.

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